Agency’s History

Fisher Agency, Inc. DBA Cardinal Insurance Group is an independent insurance agency located in Traverse City, Michigan, that provides auto, home, business and life insurance to clients throughout the entire state of Michigan.

“Her desire to protect and support her community was unmistakable.”

From the very start, it was clear that our President, Linda M. Fisher’s passion in life was helping others. Her volunteering began in her teens, and has continued over 25 years serving on committees and boards of charities including Big Brothers Big Sisters, Child & Family Services, Women’s Council of Realtors, Bras for a Cause, Goodwill Industries, and Michigan Make-A-Wish. In fact when an insurance agency in San Diego was having a sock drive to benefit homeless women and children, Linda purchased and delivered 50 pairs of socks to them before her conference. Her volunteering within her industry has been strong and consistent as well with over 20 years of service on boards, committees and task forces with the Michigan Association of Insurance Agents, where she currently serves as a State District Board Director, and where she previously chaired the Michigan Young Agent’s Council.

Linda’s career began in 1988 as a receptionist at an independent insurance agency as a means to pay for college. Within the first year she fell in love with the challenge of insurance and the opportunity to truly make a difference in people’s lives when they have suffered a loss and it matters the most. After 16 years of gaining valuable experience working for agencies, Linda built Fisher Agency Inc, DBA Cardinal Insurance Group in 2004 from scratch. It was a huge risk in a male dominated field with few female owned agencies, but her goal was specific and clear; to take care of people. Cardinal Insurance is not in business to just sell insurance; that is simply a result of what they do. They are in business to make a difference in the lives of their entire community. Linda wanted to own an agency that built relationships with clients while at the same time worked to improve the lives of everyone they could possibly help. The incredible success of Cardinal Insurance has made evident that Linda’s career move was the right one for her, for her agency’s clients, and for her community as a whole.

“…they see just how involved we are in our community and the compassion we show by our tireless work with local charities.”

Clients come to us because they want a warmer reception than they would get with a national firm over the phone. Clients know we will have that friendly, caring atmosphere because they see just how involved we are in our community and the compassion we show by our tireless work with local charities. We believe in taking the time to patiently explain complicated insurance matters in a way that’s easy for people to understand. We give genuine, honest, straightforward information without pushing clients to buy coverage that they don’t need or want. When we provide this superior service to each individual while going above and beyond to build relationships with our clients, they will see how passionate we are for our work and for personal connection. At Cardinal Insurance we combine decades of insurance specific knowledge with candid honest examples to help clients make the decisions that they believe are best for them and their families.

“A passion for protection.”

When clients come to us, our agents are attentive to their needs and listen to their concerns. Our primary goal when working with clients is not to just sell insurance; but to provide them with the knowledge that they need to make their insurance buying decisions. Insurance is what we do all day; it’s our focus, our passion; and when we meet with prospective clients, we want to know what they dream about and who they are so that when we build that shield of protection, we build it around what they want out of life.

In all that we do, passion is the resounding why for Cardinal Insurance Group. We have immense passion for our clients, for our employees and their families, our company and vendor partners, and for our community. Whether we are educating and protecting our clients, volunteering for local fundraisers, granting wishes to sick children, or donating our time and money; the passion to take care of people is at the core of all that we do.