How Blessed Are We? A have a question for my fellow insurance agency owners to ponder….. How blessed are we? Have you ever stopped and taken the time to ask yourself that question? Well, I have, and of course… as those of you who know me can attest to, …. I, as usual, have MUCH to say on the subject. So grab a cup of coffee, or… Perhaps, my favorite; a mega cup of chai tea latte, (an IV pump for this stuff would so save me time, money and gas), and humor me, and maybe even yourself, as you read about my experience and my beliefs when it comes to the blessings of being an insurance agent in general.

Some agents chose this industry, and granted, I realize those numbers are few. A lot of us somehow lucked into it, (yours truly to pay for college), and then there are those, like many of my industry friends, who found this career by being the kids of agency owners. Regardless how you got here, if you’re here, well then congratulations! You are privileged to sit with clients every day who place their trust, their families, their assets, their finances and the security of their future into your hands and say, we can clearly hear and see that you are knowledgeable, experienced and genuine. We have confidence in you and we agree with your recommendations. They then hand it all over to you, giving you their complete trust and saying……. please protect it all. Wow… How incredibly blessed are we?

When a devastating storm, accident, death or fire strikes our clients, it’s then that we solidify their decision in choosing us. It’s then that they realize their saving 15% in less than 15 minutes means absolutely nothing if there is a gap in their coverage or no agent to help them through the process. Fortunately, they chose us instead just of just the cheapest price. Whew! NOW, we shine! Claim time is when we reassure them that although this may not be an easy process, we are there to guide them and to help them through this. It is then that we do the work they entrusted us to do. This is the moment that we show them exactly ‘why’ they chose us over the other 4 agents who were knocking on their door asking for their business. Claim time is when we educate our clients on the claims process, help them remember or understand what their purchased coverage entitles them to. This is the time, that the paper we previously sold them, now becomes our obligation to them, to be there, to help them navigate their way, to ensure that we restore them as much as possible, to how they were prior to having suffered a loss. It is during this time, that we become the link between our clients and the company we placed them with; to make sure they are both communicating in an openly, timely, fair, and sensitive way. The promise that our clients paid for, we now help to deliver. We show them by our actions, that we indeed are just as concerned with getting them back on their feet, or back into their home; as they are. Again I ask, how flippin’ blessed are we?

When we are working with clients who trust us and heed our advice, when we have done our jobs well and educated them to their exposures; when we have helped them find the most appropriate coverage at a fair price, and they then feel inclined to send us their family, friends, neighbors and co-workers, is it then, that we grasp the blessings of our chosen industry? Is it then that we realize that such trust placed in us, gives us an obligation to make sure that we are at the top of our game when it comes to knowledge, experience, truthfulness and doing what is best for them, not what is best for us? My fellow agents, our career allows us to have a powerful impact on people’s lives when they have suffered a loss; whether large or small. If we have done our jobs well, when that accident or loss happens, we know they will be able to recover financially from that loss, which in turn, allows them the ability to focus their attention on their mental and emotional healing. Goodness gracious, say it with me now……. How incredibly blessed are we?

And I am here to tell you, my fellow Agency Owners, that we are indeed the most blessed of all insurance agents. For you see, the larger our agencies grow, the more opportunity we will have to then take the compensation from the trust our clients place in us, and use it to ‘Pay it Forward’. As Winston Churchill’s famous quote tells us, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life, by what we give”. My friends, we have an obligation to not only use our income generated, but also our positions in our local communities as Trusted Advisors, to give back; give back to our families, to our loved ones, to our valued clients, to our cherished employee team members, and to our community as a whole. Whether you lucked in, were born in, or made it your goal to be an agent in the insurance industry, I hope you take the time to serve others, because then you won’t need to even ask… How incredibly flippin’ blessed are we, because you will KNOW.

Copyright Author
Linda Marie Fisher, AAI. CIC, LIC, LUTCF
Agency Owner – Cardinal Insurance Group
Traverse City MI
Written November 21, 2015