How to File a Claim

At Cardinal Insurance Group, we realize that the manner in which we handle your claim is one of the most important aspects of our relationship with you. We pledge to assist you in any way we can with each step of the claims process.

To report a claim during business hours please call our agency at (231) 938-4408 as soon as possible. During this conversation, we will be asking for details regarding your claim. For auto claims, we will need information such as drivers involved, injuries, extent and location of damages to the vehicles involved, as well as police report number, and any tickets received. For home claims we will need details on what happened, the approximate cause of the damage as well as the extent of the damage.

We will then submit your claim to the appropriate insurance company and counsel you concerning the next steps that will be taken during the claims process.

Outside of business hours, please feel free to contact your insurance company directly, and then follow up with a call to our agency during regular business hours.



ASI – American Strategic Insurance1-866-274-8765
Towing/Roadside Assistance1-888-869-2642
Workers Compensation1-517-391-1919
Pioneer State Mutual1-800-837-7674
Glass and Towing1-800-828-7067
Auto Claims1-800-274-4499
Towing/Roadside Assistance1-800-776-2778
Workers Compensation1-800-675-7731
Wolverine Mutual1-800-733-3320