Do I Need Water Backup Coverage?

Water Backup Insurance

Whether you have an aging sewer system, have tree roots that are blocking your septic system, or are simply experiencing higher than usual amounts of rain, water and sewage back-up into your home is an important coverage that you should consider adding to your insurance protection.  

Most Michigan home insurance policies do not cover the costs of the above events, unless they occur due to a covered peril such as freezing. (As long as you have protected the home during colder months to try and prevent pipes from freezing).

Home insurance carriers do however have a water back-up of sewers and drains endorsement that can be added to your home insurance policy to protect you from the financial costs to mitigate the resulting costs when water or sewage enters into or overflows from a sump pump, well, septic, or other system.  

Keep in mind when you purchase this endorsement, that the limit of coverage you decide to purchase must be adequate enough to pay for all of the clean-up costs, repairing or replacing all of damaged flooring, walls, and trim work, as well as replacing or repairing any of your personal items that were also damaged such as furniture, clothing, etc.

Water and sewage back-up claims that we see tend to be between $15,000 and $20,000 for a finished basement area, but can be even more depending on the amount of water or sewage involved as well as the quality and cost of your home and furnishings.

Regardless the limit you choose, it’s an important conversation to have with your insurance agent.