General Liability Insurance

Michigan General Liability Insurance:

Cardinal Insurance Group offers robust Michigan general liability insurance to ensure your business is adequately protected. Many business owners rely on the liability coverage provided by a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP), but these policies often fall short when it comes to covering substantial claims and lawsuits.

Understanding the Need for Adequate Liability Coverage

A standard BOP provides some liability protection, but its limits might not be sufficient for your business. Upgrading to a general liability insurance policy can offer the additional coverage necessary to safeguard your business from significant financial losses.

Determining Your Business’s Insurance Market

Before purchasing liability insurance, it’s essential to identify which market your business falls into:

  • Excess Surplus Market: High-risk professions such as roofing, siding, and similar trades require excess liability insurance due to their increased risk factors.
  • Standard Market: Professions considered lower risk, including technology companies and law firms, typically qualify for general liability insurance.

Comprehensive Coverage Options

General liability insurance provides extensive protection against a variety of risks. At Cardinal Insurance Group, we customize policies to include the specific coverage your business needs:

  • Business Personal Property (BPP)
  • Fire and Theft Protection
  • Vandalism Coverage
  • Protection Against Claims for:
    • Bodily Injury
    • Property Damage
    • Terrorism
  • Additional Coverage:
    • Errors & Omissions Insurance

Benefits of Michigan General Liability Insurance

  • Financial Security: Protects your business from the financial repercussions of claims and lawsuits.
  • Customizable Policies: Tailor your insurance to meet the unique risks associated with your industry.
  • Peace of Mind: Operate your business with confidence knowing you have comprehensive coverage.

Why Choose Cardinal Insurance Group?

At Cardinal Insurance Group, we are committed to providing our clients with the best insurance options available. Our continuous market research ensures that we offer the most effective solutions tailored to your specific business needs. If you are concerned about high ExMods, high premiums, or inadequate coverage from your current broker, contact us today for a free quote and consultation.

Specialized Services

  • Class Code Review: Ensuring your business is correctly classified to avoid costly errors.
  • Loss Control: Implementing measures to mitigate risks and prevent claims.
  • Claims Management: Expert assistance in managing and resolving claims efficiently.
  • ExMod Review and Forecasting: Accurate reviews and future projections to help plan and reduce premiums.

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