Is My Car Insured For Shipt Deliveries?

Michigan Shipt Car Insurance

Yes and No. Shipt provides some insurance, but here we will discuss the insurance you need to have for your own protection.  

Personal auto insurance policies were created to provide coverage for those who are driving to work, on vacations, etc. It was never intended, nor is it written properly to handle vehicles that are being used for business purposes.

Most importantly, even if you don’t want any additional protection, most Michigan personal auto policies have an exclusion for a vehicle being used in a business capacity for either delivery or transporting passengers or items for a fee

This means that if you decide to not tell your agent about your delivery job, don’t be surprised when the policy refuses to pay for any claims . Examples of claims that are being denied are damage to your vehicle,  damage you do to property of others like backing into a garage or a parked vehicle while delivering goods, as well as liability claims for injuries. 

When ride sharing and delivery companies first came on the scene, most insurance carriers didn’t want to insure them at all unless it was on a commercial auto policy. Times however have changed and many companies now provide TNC (transportation network coverage). To have the correct protection, simply contact your insurance agent and discuss the options available to you.