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Oct 9, 2019

Chargeable Accidents

2020-02-24T15:34:45-05:00Tags: |

You swerve to miss a deer and end up in the ditch causing damage to your vehicle from the impact; or perhaps you pull off the side of the road and clip a mailbox, or as winter shows us every year; you slide out of control and strike another vehicle or object. Regardless the cause, whenever a client is involved in a single vehicle accident, they will most likely hear that what they have just […]

Sep 6, 2019

Adulting is Hard

2020-02-24T15:45:11-05:00Tags: |

Yes, we know that adulting is hard, and that sometimes parents hold on too long and too tight when a child needs to take responsibility and do the ‘adulting’ thing. We also know that many times it’s easier and less expensive to still take care of some financial needs for our children.

Now, however, the new Michigan Auto Insurance reform that was passed makes adulting necessary when that child is no longer living at home.

We have […]

Aug 8, 2019

Replacement Cost vs. Actual Cash Value (New for Old)

2020-02-25T10:53:58-05:00Tags: |

You start a load of laundry and head down the road for a neighborhood barbeque.  Upon returning, you find water all over your laundry room and into your carpeted hallway.

Regardless what happened or why, most home insurance policies are going to pay for the resulting damage, but not necessarily to repair or replace the washer depending on what caused the issue.

So, you call a water restoration company to come out and begin the process of […]

Jul 18, 2019

Full Coverage Auto Insurance

2020-02-25T11:33:01-05:00Tags: |

One of the most common requests we receive as insurance agents from clients seeking auto insurance, is a quote for ‘full coverage’.  What does that even mean?  I have been writing auto insurance in Michigan for over 31 years and can’t answer that because I have never seen a policy that is ‘legally’ referred to or called ‘full coverage’.

Herein lies one of the biggest issues that consumers face when purchasing insurance.  Many of […]

Jun 27, 2019

Home Sharing Coverage Issues

2020-02-25T11:02:05-05:00Tags: |

I’m still living in my home, so why do you need to know that I’m also renting it out?  Unfortunately, this seems to be a common question ‘after’ a claim, not before.

This question has become much more common with the home sharing phenomenon that began just 10 years ago.  Today, companies like Airbnb and Couchsurfing book over 15 million travelers around the world to stay in privately owned buildings.  Now when vacationing, you don’t have […]

Jun 18, 2019

Michigan Auto Insurance Reform

2021-06-19T14:25:45-04:00Tags: |

The news has been busy recently with photos of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on Mackinac Island signing into law the long-awaited and strongly controversial auto insurance reform bill that will drastically change our current Michigan no fault insurance.

Since clients have already begun to call and email us asking when their ‘rates are going down’ and if I believe this is a good or bad thing, I thought it wise to put in writing what we know; […]

Jun 14, 2019

You Have No Coverage

2020-02-25T13:22:08-05:00Tags: |

We understand how upsetting it can be for a client who has paid premiums for years with no claims, to turn one in and hear that it’s simply ‘not covered’ by their insurance.  As an agent for 31 years, I can tell you that having to impart those words or explain them isn’t any more fun from this end than it is from the receiving end.

You purchase coverage to protect you from ‘sudden and accidental’ […]

Apr 26, 2019

Do I Need To Insure My Bike?

2020-02-25T14:07:52-05:00Tags: |

Quiz:  Do you know what a Pinarello Bolide, Dogma F8 Xlight, or a Cervelo P5 is?  Second Question:  Are you aware that they can cost you upwards of $10,000 to purchase?  And last but not least, if you answered the first two questions with a yes, do you realize that these expensive bikes may not be covered adequately by your homeowner’s insurance?

What? Yes, I do realize that bikes are contents or personal belongings and therefore […]

Apr 25, 2019

Understanding Ordinance and Law

2020-02-25T14:21:03-05:00Tags: |

What is Ordinance and Law?  A frequently misunderstood coverage, ordinance and law is a property coverage issue that can be costly to owners of homes or commercial buildings that suffer an uninsured or under-insured ordinance and law issue.

Let’s first visit the basic purpose of property coverage.  A property policy (be it home or business), provides coverage for the ‘direct physical damage’ to a home by a covered peril such as fire, lightning, hail, […]

Mar 15, 2019

When Generations and Families Mix in the Workplace

2020-02-25T16:20:22-05:00Tags: |

As a Generation X employer, hiring and mentoring millennials makes for interesting situations; but when that millennial is your son, it makes for an even more unique scenario. I struggled with the decision to hire my son after he finished high school. He interned at our agency previous summers, but being so young, he did more baseball stat watching on his phone than actual work.  Plus, he was off to Michigan State in the fall; […]

Oct 3, 2016

15 Going on 30

2020-02-14T15:42:43-05:00Tags: |

So I have in my home, a young man of 15 who at 6’1″ towers over me.  He shares my initials, my Cherokee features, and dare I admit, my intelligence.  That last part could be argued since he is now taking his 3rd year of Honors Algebra.  Yours truly recalls Algebra I, but only because she cried through most of it.    

My summer proved to be one that people write about; hence your reading this.  It was a time in our lives that I will […]

Sep 27, 2016

Home Insurance – Use Your 15 Minutes Wisely

2020-02-14T15:42:51-05:00Tags: |

15 Minutes can save you money now, but cost you thousands later. 

Oh wait, they don’t tell you that.

The price gun, the lizard, the mayhem guy.  We all have seen and heard them.  They interrupt our dinner or our favorite tunes driving home.  Their message is that price is all that matters when purchasing insurance.  They tell us to get it from the cheapest place we can.

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