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The Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association (MCCA) Refund

The Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association (MCCA) Refund.Michigan’s MCCA has advised that refunds from our Auto Insurance No-Fault Reform Law passed in 2019, are on their way to Michigan auto insurance consumers. Because the changes made [...]

7 Ways To Lower The Cost Of Home Insurance

Seven Ways to Lower Your Homeowners Insurance Costs The price you pay for your homeowner’s insurance can vary by hundreds of dollars, depending on the rates, credits, and endorsements available by your insurance company. [...]

How an Umbrella Protects you From More than Just Rain

How an Umbrella Liability Policy Protects you From More than Just Rain With the passage of Michigan’s auto insurance reform now becoming law, the immediate result will be a reduction in MCCA (Michigan Catastrophic Claims [...]

Michigan Auto Reform Paperwork

Michigan Auto Reform Paperwork Yes, you DID just fill out a bunch of paperwork a few months ago for your auto insurance renewal, and it is time to do it again! When the Michigan Auto [...]

Flood Insurance Becoming A Necessity In Michigan?

We get it – we aren’t a ‘coastal state’, and that is why in Michigan, flood insurance isn’t talked about much; except when required by a Mortgage Company for those purchasing a home and [...]

How Your Insurance Score Impacts Premiums

We all know that our credit history affects the interest rate we pay for credit cards, home mortgages and auto loans, and that a low credit score can even be prevent us from being able [...]

Protecting Your Michigan Rental Property

Rental homes have become quite controversial in small towns and communities here in Northern Michigan. Why? Because where one person sees increased traffic, unknown neighbors and events; another sees profit; or at least the ability [...]

Growing Up (IN)surance

Children are often impacted by their parents occupation whether they like it or not. If your father was a plumber, then you most likely grew up playing with copper and PVC pipes and possibly [...]

Frozen Pipesicles

Yes, that’s not even a word, though it does make you envision a topic we run into often in Northern Michigan — frozen pipes. Does your home insurance cover losses that result from pipes [...]

Who Is An Insured?

The question of ‘who is an insured’ doesn’t seem complicated, until a claim is denied by your insurance company due to their decision that someone is simply ‘not an insured’ according to the policy [...]

Chargeable Accidents

You swerve to miss a deer and end up in the ditch causing damage to your vehicle from the impact; or perhaps you pull off the side of the road and clip a mailbox, or [...]

Adulting is Hard

Yes, we know that adulting is hard, and that sometimes parents hold on too long and too tight when a child needs to take responsibility and do the ‘adulting’ thing. We also know that [...]

Full Coverage Auto Insurance

One of the most common requests we receive as insurance agents from clients seeking auto insurance, is a quote for ‘full coverage’.  What does that even mean?  I have been writing auto insurance in [...]

Home Sharing Coverage Issues

I’m still living in my home, so why do you need to know that I’m also renting it out?  Unfortunately, this seems to be a common question ‘after’ a claim, not before. This question [...]

Michigan Auto Insurance Reform

The news has been busy recently with photos of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on Mackinac Island signing into law the long-awaited and strongly controversial auto insurance reform bill that will drastically change our current Michigan no [...]

You Have No Coverage

We understand how upsetting it can be for a client who has paid premiums for years with no claims, to turn one in and hear that it’s simply ‘not covered’ by their insurance.  As [...]

Do I Need To Insure My Bike?

Quiz:  Do you know what a Pinarello Bolide, Dogma F8 Xlight, or a Cervelo P5 is?  Second Question:  Are you aware that they can cost you upwards of $10,000 to purchase?  And last but [...]

Understanding Ordinance and Law

What is Ordinance and Law?  A frequently misunderstood coverage, ordinance and law is a property coverage issue that can be costly to owners of homes or commercial buildings that suffer an uninsured or under-insured [...]

Storms Cause Neighborhood Storms

Once again mother nature caused some issues recently in Northern Michigan with storms and high winds that brought trees down on buildings as well as vehicles. When a tree, regardless where it comes from, [...]

Divorce & Division of Property

It happens. Relationships sometimes simply don’t work out, and you find yourself moving out of a home and dividing up assets. The insurance in these situations can be complicated for everyone including your insurance [...]

What’s in A Name?

Seems to not really have much importance, the way you are named in an insurance policy; until you are told that you are not covered! We get requests all the time for people or [...]

What does ‘Named Peril’ Mean?

I don’t think anyone would argue that insurance jargon is, at times, very confusing. Even after being in this industry writing insurance policies for over 30 years, I at times must re-read policy forms [...]

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